How to select suitable dust collector filter bag materials?
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How to select dust collector filter bags materials?

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Update time : 2016-04-29 16:05:51

Selecting suitable dust collector filter bag materials is very important.

In the field of bag filters, the dust collector filter bags are usually treated as the heart of the dust collector system. The bag filters material depend what kinds of gas the filter system can be used.

Under normal working condition with temperature less than 150 degree C, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon filter bags are available.

But for the working condition with high temperature, such as chemical, carbon black(white carbon black) gas, iron blast furnace gas, cement shaft kiln tail gas, calcium carbide kiln tail gas, casting, steel mills, asphalt concrete mixing asphalt smoke, refractory brick kiln gas, coking gas.etc…the materials which are with high temperature resistant are needed.., such as aramid(nomex), pps, p84, ptfe, fiberglass etc… that is because:

1.       it is not suitable for electric dust collector to collect gas dust in above working condition, to collect the gas dust, only bags and other collection method are available.

2.       It will take much money to make temperature lower than 150 degree C, or because of local space limitation, cannot make temperature lower than 150 degree C.

3.       The “S” is included in the gas, so the dust gas has acid “dew point”, the particle can be only removed under the temperature which is higher then dew point. So the high temperature resistant material is necessary.