How to prolong the life of the power plant filter bag?
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How to prolong the life of the power plant filter bag?

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Update time : 2018-07-24 07:52:57

How to prolong the life of the power plant filter bag?


As one professional power plant filter bags manufacturer, INDRO filtration teaches you how to prolong the life of the power plant filter bags as followings:

PPS filter bags produced by INDRO filtration are special used as power plant filter bags.

To prolong the life of power plant filter bags, please take the following four measures:

1.    Prevention of the harm of filter bag from oil mist

When the boiler starts and reduces load, fuel will be put into operation. The oil mist in the flue gas will jeopardize the filter bag, and precautions should be taken. The main measure of the PPS filter bag is to make the filter bag preload the dust. Before the boiler is ignited or before the use of the new filter bag, the fly ash is sprayed into the bag type dust collector to attach a layer of dust to the surface of the filter bag so as to prevent the oil mist from touching the filter bag directly in the smoke, thus avoiding the damage to the filter bag. In the process of production, when there is load reducing and combustion supporting, it is also injected with fly ash, which absorbs oil mist with high concentration of dust and avoids the damage of filter bags. Whether the powder injection device is used in the combustion of the boiler to reduce load and fuel is decided by the oil burning condition. If the oil is completely burned, the powder spraying device can not be started.

2.    Prevention of the harm of abnormal high temperature of flue gas

The abnormal high temperature of boiler flue gas will burn out the filter bag, it is the key to prevent the bag type dust collector, and it is also the key to the preparation and function of the dust removal system, and the emergency spray cooling device is set up.

The nozzle is located in the flue of the dust collector, and the number of the nozzles is different. When the spray is not used, the nozzle relies on a few fresh air for self purification and cleaning, and is controlled by the computer.

3.    Prevention of the harmfulness of flue gas at low temperature

When the boiler ignition or low load operation (especially in winter), the temperature of the flue gas is low. If the condensation occurs, the alarm can be made immediately. At the same time, the powder spraying device can be started. The alkali powder adsorption and neutralization of the fly ash can be used to restrain the production of acid dew, and the protection filter bag is not corroded by acid mist. In addition, in line with the boiler production, the exhaust gas temperature is not too low by adjusting the flue gas volume of the air pre-heater or hot air circulation.

4.    Prevention of the harm of "four pipe" blasting

When the "four pipe" blasting is not serious, the content of water vapor in the flue gas will increase, but in a short time it will not affect the dust cleaning and the life of the filter material. The selected filter has good hydrolysis resistance, and the oil proof and waterproof after treatment, the filter material will be fully taken into account when the filter material is selected. When the "four tube" blasting is serious, it will significantly affect the boiler production and should be stopped for maintenance. If necessary, we can also use the powder spraying system or accelerate the frequency of cleaning.