emission 10mg/nm3-ptfe laminated filter bags
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How to meet requirement of emission 10mg/nm3?

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Update time : 2017-09-06 22:51:13

The emission has relationship with following factors:
1. filtering speed, also called air flow speed and air cloth ratio.

2. dust particle size 

3. filter cloth density, the dust cleaning efficiency 

4. filter cloth dust holding efficiency   

5. it has relationship with the whole dust collector design


If emission standard is below 10mg/nm3, it is necessary to use ptfe laminated filter cloth.

Except for filter cloth, there are some other things need to be take care:

1. cell plate hole cutting method: necessary to use laser machine to cut the hole of plate.

     because laser machine can control the hole size exaclty.

    Then make dust collector filter bag as per this cell plate hole.

    Please note here: deviation is not allowed here, 

    if there is deviation, or the deviation is larger, dust particle will go through from the gap, then emission will become higher.

2. when you weld the plate sheet, please make sure the plate sheet is welding smoothly, welding line or welding joint is not allowed.

    Must do detection of the lack of welding.

    Better do phosphor testing or bulge testing.

    Take care of welding between different cabinet, air leakage is not allowed.

3. Ptfe lamination filter cloth is necessary. 

4.  Control the filtering speed or air cloth ratio. Air cloth ratio is less than 1m per hour.