How to confirm the dust collector baghouse filter bags size?
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How to confirm the dust collector baghouse filter bags size?

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Update time : 2017-11-09 20:41:40

How to confirm the dust collector baghouse filter bags size?

When choosing a dust collector bag house, users usually consider the size and quantity of the dust collecting filter bags of the equipment. At the same time, they will also think about a question: is the more filter material and the bigger size, the better? What factors affect the size of the dust collector bags?


The first is the length of the bag house filter bag. The length of the dust collector filter bags determines the process requirements, ash cleaning efficiency and design parameters. When the flue gas quantity, processing speed, diameter of baghouse filter bag size are all same, increase the length of dust filter bag can increase the filtering area, reducing the number of dust collector bags, thereby reducing the bag type dust collector area, reduce electromagnetic valve, pulse valve, nozzle and other components of the dust cleaning system, save investment cost, shorten the cleaning period and prolong the life of dust collector filtration bags.


But on the other hand, increasing filter bag length does not good totally. The box should be extended upwards when filter bag length is increased, that is to say, the dust remover should be changed, and a large amount of equipment fee should be added.

From pulse injection, the length of dust collection filter bag is directly proportional to the required energy. In order to make the filter bag can be effectively cleaning, we must blow enough energy into the end of filter bag, the longer dust bags needs more energy, the bags will break easier from blowing side, tension is higher, it will make the dust collector filter bag top stitching line breaking.

When dust collector bag house is in online cleaning state, if the filter bags are longer, the dust will be more easily going back into the filter bag; when dust collector bag house is in the off-line cleaning condition, the pause time will be longer after cleaning dust, and recovery speed of room cleaning ash will be slower. Considering the installation, maintenance and inspection of dust collector baghosue filter bags, too long of dust collector filter bags will increase the difficulty of the work.

If the filter bag is too short, the filter area is not enough, which will affect the dust removal efficiency, which must increase the number of filter sleeves, increase the cost of investment.


At present, for small and medium-sized dust collector bag house, filter bag length is 2~3 meters, for long bag or large dust collector, filter bag length is 4~6 meters.

The second is the diameter of the dust collector filter bag. The bag diameter is related to the scale width of filter media, filtration speed, and the pulse energy of ash cleaning and the arrangement of pulse valve. From the development history of industrial dust catcher, the common filter bags size of industrial dust collector is generally between 120mm and 152mm.


To determine the size of the dust bag, not only the excessive wind speed and the filtration area are considered, but also the requirements of dust removal equipment and dust cleaning methods should be taken into account. In addition, you shall consider comprehensively, make reasonable analysis and design according to the actual conditions of the site.