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How to choose suitable filter bag sewing thread for different baghouse filter bag?

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Update time : 2017-02-08 14:00:40

How to choose suitable filter bag sewing thread for different baghouse filter bag?

Baghouse filter bag is also called dust collector baghouse filter bags.

As one filter bag and filter bag accessories manufacturer and supplier, SIIC team from Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd(Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd) is very glad to share with you about basic rules of choosing filter bag sewing thread correctly:

Dust filter bag include normal temperature filter bags and high temperature filter bags, include needle punched felt with bags and woven fiberglass filter bags.

Normal Polyester/PP/Acrylic filter bags: filter bag thread material is same with bag material or better than bag material.

Polyester filter bag is stitched by polyester sewing thread

Polypropylene filter bag is sewn by polypropylene sewing thread

Acrylic filter bag is sewn by SIIC-THREADPTFE ptfe sewing thread

High temperature resistant filter bags:

Nomex filter bag is one bag used most, it is stitched by nomex sewing thread and ptfe sewing thread.

pps/p84/fiberglass/ptfe filter bags: using thread or ptfe sewing thread.

And when it is necessary to use ptfe sewing thread?

Woven fiberglass filter bag treated with ptfe: using ptfe sewing thread

To improve filter bag quality and chemical resistance: use ptfe sewing thread

Using SIIC-M001 automatic filter bag sewing machines to sew high temperature filter bags: use ptfe sewing thread.

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