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How much do you know about nomex filter bags?

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Update time : 2016-12-13 13:35:46

How much do you know about nomex filter bags?

Nomex filter bags are one high temperature resistant dust filter bags for dust collector.

Application of nomex filter bags:

Asphalt plant and other high temperature working conditions.

Finish treatment of nomex filter bags:

Singed, calendered and heat set; water and oil repellent; ptfe membrane.

Making Process of nomex filter bags:

Sewn filter bags.

Sewing thread for nomex filter bags:

Nomex sewing thread and ptfe sewing thread

 Top and bottoms types of nomex filter bags:

Snap band top + disc bottom

Raw top + disc bottom

Envelope nomex filter bags, flat sewn bag body + corded top/gasket top/raw top.