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How much do you know about filter socks?

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Update time : 2017-07-02 11:34:56

Filter socks are one filter elements used for solid-liquid separations.

Material of filter socks: 1-300micron polyester felt, 1-300 micron polypropylene felt, 25-800 micron monofilament nylon mesh.

Size of filter socks: 7*17”, 7*32”, 4*9”, 4*15”, 6*22” and other size..

Top of filter socks: drawstring, plastic, metal ring, raw top.

Application of filter socks: widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, advanced coatings & photo emulsions, paints & coatings, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, Ink printing,    resins, Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas, water treatment, aquarium filtration, swimming pool filtration and other industry.

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