High temperature flue gas damage to filter bags
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High temperature flue gas damage to filter bags

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Update time : 2018-05-19 18:02:17

High temperature flue gas damage to filter bags

The filter bag is the most critical factor determining the performance of the dust collector bag house. The main factors causing the damage of filter bags are high temperature burnout, corrosion, mechanical damage, installation quality, product quality, operation and management.


The damage to filter bags caused by high temperature burning is fatal. For example, a coal dry kiln, due to the very small and special sticky pulverized coal particles after drying, dust cleaning is not ideal, so that a large amount of dried pulverized coal is kept on the surface of the filter bag, and the pulverized coal after drying is with very low burning point. When the high temperature smoke enters the dust collector, it will quickly ignite the coal powder on the surface of the filter bag, leading to the whole dust collector filter bags and the cages were all burnt down.


Sparks burning: In addition to high temperature burnout, the damage of sparks to filter bags in flue gas is also very serious. Such as coke oven, dry kiln, chain furnace, cupola, electric furnace, blast furnace, mixed iron furnace and so on in the production process, there will be a lot of sparks mixed into the flue gas. For example, when the treatment of sparks is not timely, especially when the dust layer on the surface of the filter bag is thinner, the sparks will burn the filter bag and form an irregular circular hole. However, when the dust layer on the filter bag is thick, sparks will not burn the filter bag directly, which will cause deep color baking marks on the surface of the filter bag.


High temperature shrinkage: the other damage of high temperature flue gas to filter bag is high temperature shrinkage. Although the temperature of each filter bag is different, when the flue gas temperature exceeds its using temperature, the size of the filter bag will shorten in the length direction, and the filter bag bottom is tightly supported by the filter cage and damaged by the force. If the heat shrinkage of the filter bag is too large, the radial size of the filter bag will be smaller. The filter bag will be tightly clamped on the support cage, and even the cages can not be drawn out. Therefore, the filter bag is always in a state of stress, causing the shrinkage deformation, hardening and crispness of the filter bag, accelerating the strength consumption and shortening the life of the filter bag. As the filter bag is tightly bonded to the supporting cage after deforming, it is difficult to deform the filter bag when do dust cleaning, which leads to high resistance to filter bags.