Filtration mechanism of filter material-02
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Filtration mechanism of filter material-02

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Update time : 2019-12-30 14:23:50
As one filter bag manufacturer, INDRO filtration introduces you filtration mechanism of filter material: direct interception, gravity settlement and electrostatic attraction. 
3 - Direct interception

When the particles move directly to the fiber collection collective along the airflow streamline, because the distance between the airflow streamline and the fiber surface is within the radius of the particles, the particles contact with the fiber and are arrested, which becomes a direct interception mechanism.
4 - Gravity settlement
Only when the particles are large and the gas velocity is small, the effect of gravity settlement is obvious.
5-Electrostatic attraction
The air flow washes the fiber collection, and the friction can
make the fiber charged. Some dust particles will also be charged in motion. If the fiber is impregnated with resin, the effect of electric charge will be strengthened. When static electric field is not applied outside, the charge will be reduced slowly due to the conduction of the trap, the process of ionized gas molecules, radiation, and the settlement of charged particles.

When there is no external electric field, there are three situations: A: the particles are charged, and the trapping group is neutral. At this time, reverse induced charge is generated on the trapping group, which has electrostatic absorption force; B: the trapping group is charged, and the particles are neutral, which has only reverse induced charge, which has attraction; C: both are charged, which may attract or repel according to the charge matching situation.
When considering electrostatic capture, we must also pay attention to whether the charge is attractive or repulsive. Only attraction can complete the capture process.