Filtering principle of bag filter dust collector
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Filtering principle of bag filter dust collector

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Update time : 2018-01-09 19:19:21

Filtering principle of bag filter dust collector

In industrial production, when dust collector baghouse filter bags are filtering gas dust, filter material fibers are relying on screening, interception, inertia, diffusion, adhesion, electrostatic and gravitational effects of dust to make dust blocked on the surface of filter bags to get dust and gas separation and to achieve the purpose of purifying the flue gas.

The filter principle of the bag type dust collector is the result of a comprehensive effect.

Dust is generally distributed by particles in various sizes from ultrafine particles to the coarse particles according to a certain dispersion curve.

Although the pore of the filter fabric may be more than 100mm, the fabric filter can capture micro particles. The various effects of the filtration mechanism are gravity, sieve filter, inertia collision, hook effect and diffusion and electrostatic attraction.

When the dust flow flows through the filter cloth, the particles larger than the filter cloth gap are blocked by the fiber because of gravitational action or the inertia effect, the particles smaller than the filter cloth gap are attached to the surface of dust collector filter bags when they collide or pass through fibers(this is hook attaching effect). The smaller particles are left in the surface and gap of the filter cloth because of the Brown movement between the molecules, and the smallest particles may run away with the filter cloth along with the air flow.

To make sure that the bag filter type dust collector to continue to work, it is necessary to regularly remove dust on the filter bags of the bag filter. When clearing the ash, first close the top fan and start the rocking motor. Because of the eccentric action of the shaking motor, it drives the connecting rod to turn the rocking shaft back and forth.