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filter elements used in Wine Applications

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Update time : 2016-07-19 19:03:03

filter elements used in Wine Applications


As filtration specialist, SIIC team from Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd(Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd) is very glad to share with about “filter elements used in Wine Applications” as followings:


Wine filtration process is as followings:

Crush---Ferment---Fining---Holding Tank---Clarification---Storage Tank---Pre filter---Blend Tank---Final filter


In the process of clarification, SIIC filter elements of 5-10 micron filter bags or melt blown pp filter cartridges are recommended, the purpose is visual clarification.

In the process of pre filter, SIIC 0.25 micron filter elements are recommended.

The purpose is particulate removal.

In the process of final filter, SIIC 0.45 micron filter elements are recommended, the purpose is particulate removal and microbial stabilization.