Filter bags manufacturer teach you how to select fiberglass filter materials
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Filter bags manufacturer teach you how to select fiberglass filter materials

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Update time : 2018-07-23 14:06:02

Filter bags manufacturer teach you how to select fiberglass filter materials


Filter bag manufacturer teaches you how to select the glass fiber filter material with high performance price ratio. With the wider application of glass fiber and its composite materials in the field of filter materials, how to choose more practical materials at the same price has become a hot spot in the downstream enterprises.


1-Selection according to the production process

The dust collector is a dust removal equipment, but it also serves the production process. Different production processes have different properties of the dust in the gas. The filter material should be selected according to its production process, such as high dust content in smoke gas, large dust particle diameter and low moisture content, and the dust particles are not easy to paste the filter bag. The filter material of fabric structure with large air permeability should be selected, satin or twill fiberglass filter materials are good choice. If the dust content in the flue gas is not too high and the dust particles are small, the weave filter material, the twill fiberglass filter material with smaller air permeability should be selected.


2-Selection according to the characteristics of the dust containing dust

The main properties of dust are concentration, particle size, viscosity and corrosiveness, which are also the main factors affecting the selection of filter material. When the dust concentration is large, low filtration speed should be taken, and negative pressure design and storage and ash discharge capacity should also be considered. When the dust concentration is low, the higher filtration speed should be selected. When the dust concentration is very low, the design of positive pressure should be considered to reduce the cost of equipment. For the coarser dust, priority should be given to the lower intake mode. For highly viscous dust, filter material with good surface finish should be selected. For larger corrosive dust, we should try to reduce filtration speed and pay attention to the uniformity of airflow distribution, so as to extend the service life of filter bags.


3-Selection of formula based on filter material

According to the different formulation of glass fiber filter material, there are different requirements for the use conditions.

FCA formula series, the continuous use of temperature under 180 degrees C, the filter material treated with good hydrophobicity, suitable for industrial flue gas purification with high wet flue gas, such as all kinds of material drying machine exhaust dust.

The Psi formula series fiberglass filter materials can be continuously used at temperatures up to 280 degrees centigrade, and is suitable for dust removal of high temperature flue gas such as carbon black, cement shaft kiln and coal-fired boiler.

Fs2 formula series, the working temperature is not greater than 280 degrees, suitable for smelting flue gas dust in blast furnace, converter and electric furnace.