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Features comparison between nomex filter bag and fiberglass filter bag

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Update time : 2017-01-13 15:46:22

Features comparison between nomex filter bag and fiberglass filter bag

Nomex filter bag and fiberglass filter bag are both high temperature resistant dust filter bags, are both stitched by automatic filter bag sewing machine SIIC-M001, the filter bag sewing thread is mostly ptfe sewing thread.

Nomex filter bag: it is with Excellent temperature resistance, can be working under the continuous temperature of 204 ; It is with good chemical resistance, low concentration of acid and alkali and most hydrocarbon affect it doesn't, even with a small amount of fluoride also won't appear obvious corrosion; It is with outstanding high temperature stability, its heat shrinkage rate is less than 1% under the temperature of 250 ; it is with excellent fire retardancy, it begins to decompose and carbide 400 , its limiting oxygen index is 30 points, not spontaneous combustion. Nomex filter bag is widely used in all kinds of high temperature flue gas filtration.

Fiberglass filter bag: Glass fiber dust bag is made of monofilament  glass fiber coming out of disorderly crisscross weaving, it is astatic three-dimensional microporous structure, small space, space law; it is with good sound-absorbing, shock absorption, corrosion resistance, insulation, high temperature resistant, flame retardant performance. Fiberlgass filter material is with high gas filtering, less resistance, high filtering speed, high dust removal efficiency, in addition, it is with the advantages of bending resistance, abrasion resistance, dimension stability. Fiberglass filter bag is used in steel furnaces high temperature flue gas trap.