Dust collector filter bag materials selection-Part 3
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Dust collector filter bag materials selection-Part 3

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Update time : 2017-11-15 15:39:24

Dust collector filter bag materials selection-Part 3

According to flowability and friction of dust particles

When flowability and friction of dust are strong, it will wear baghouse filter bags directly, make using life lower. The friction between rough and rhombic particles is more than 10 times larger than that of smooth spherical particles. The dust particle in size of approx 90 um is with the largest abrasiveness, while when the particle size is reduced to 5 - 10um the abrasiveness is very weak. The abrasiveness will be larger when air flow is higher and dust particle size is larger, so the flow velocity and its uniformity of dust size must be strictly controlled.

Solutions of dust collector baghouse filter bag material selection:

Among the common dusts, aluminum powder, silicon powder, coke powder, carbon powder and sintered ore powder are high abrasion dusts. For abrasive dust, it is better to select the filter material with good wear resistance. Wear parts and form of filter bag materials are many and varied, according to the experiences, most of dust collector filter bags wear in the bottom or lower part, this is because at the top of the filter bag filtration rate is low, gas dust concentration is small.

For abrasive dusts, following 3 points should be paid attention to when selecting bag filter material:

1) chemical fiber is superior to glass fiber, expanded/textured glass fiber is superior to ordinary glass fiber, fine, short, rolled fiber is better than coarse, long, smooth fiber.

2) In the felt material, it is better to use acupuncture to strengthen the intersection of fibers; in the woven fabric, satin fabric is the best, the fabric surface is brushed to improve wear resistance; But felt material, satin fabric and fleece filter will increase the resistance value.

3) For ordinary filter materials, surface coating, calendering and other finish treatment can also improve the wear resistance. For glass fiber filter material, silicone oil, graphite, PTFE treatment can improve wear resistance and bending resistance. But when the membrane filter material is used in the condition of strong abrasion, the film will be worn out prematurely and lose the film covering function.


Dust collector filter bag materials selection: According to flowability and friction of dust particles, when dust is with high flow and friction, shall select filter felt or fabric with good resistance. Needle punched felt shall be first selection, textured fiberglass fabric are second selection.