Dust collector filter bag materials selection-Part 1
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Dust collector filter bag materials selection-Part 1

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Update time : 2017-11-12 11:24:24

Dust collector filter bag materials selection-Part 1


According to moisture and adhesive property

Moisture and damp of dust particles is formed through capillary action between dusts, it has relationship with the atomic chain of dust, surface state and surface tension of liquid and other factors, which can be express by wetting angle. Generally speaking, hydrophilic is less than 60 degrees, and hydrophobicity is greater than 90 degrees. When the moisture content of hygroscopic dust increases, the aggregation force and the cohesive force of particles increase, and the fluidity and electric charge decrease, dust will adhere to surface of dust collector filter bags, gradually, dust cleaning will failure and dust cake is harden. Some dust such as CaO, CaCl, KCl, MgCl2, NaCO3 etc., after moisture further absorption and chemical reaction will occur, its properties and morphology change, this is called deliquescence. After the deliquescence, the surface of dust collector bag house filter bags will be blocked by dust, this is the most taboo.


Solutions of dust collector baghouse filter bag material selection:

For the dust with wettability, deliquescence, in the filter media/material selection, should pay attention to the smooth, not brushed and hydrophobicity, the ptfe laminated filter fabric is the best choice.


The strong wetting dust has very strong adhesive forces, and there is an inseparable relation between wet and sticky. For the dust collector bag filter (bag house), if the adhesive force is too small, it will lose the ability to capture dust, while the excessive adhesion will cause dust condensation and ash cleaning difficulties. For strong adhesion of dust, we shall select filament and not brushed filter materials, or the needle punched felt with the surface treatments of singeing (glazed), calendering, and heat set.  Shall make full use of technology of impregnated(bathing), coated, ptfe lamination(membrane). From the material of filter media, nylon and glass fiber are superior to other varieties.