Dust collector filter bag failure and solutions
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Dust collector filter bag failure and solutions

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Update time : 2018-05-17 09:04:57

Dust collector filter bag failure and solutions

The proportion of the filter bag in the bag type dust collector is quite large, the proportion of the investment cost is 30%, and the proportion of the maintenance cost is more than 80%. Therefore, how to avoid the premature failure of the filter bag is an important way to reduce the maintenance cost of the dust collector.

The failure of filter bag in coal-fired power plant can be divided into two kinds of physical failure and chemical failure, and physical failure includes three types of mechanical wear, smoke scour, and blockage failure. Chemical failure includes high temperature damage, acid alkali corrosion and oxidation corrosion.

Mechanical wear:

Mechanical wear is related to the processing, transportation, installation and steel structure design of bag type dust collector. It is common that the outer diameter of the bag cage is small, the number of the vertical reinforcement is less and the distance of the horizontal bar is large, which causes the pressure between the filter bag and cage, and the filter bag is broken; the sprouting on the transportation and installation process is caused by the inadvertent; the spray on the blowout tube is sprayed. The concentricity between the nozzle and the cell plate hole can not reach the requirement or the verticality between the nozzle and the cell plate is not good enough to cause the compressed air to blow directly onto the bag of the bag during the injection process, causing the filter bag to be partially affected and damaged; the bag cage surface has burr, protruding or two joints and leads to the filtration and dust removal in the process of filtering and cleaning. With the intermittent wear of the bag, the combination of the filter bag and the cell plate is not good, if the bag mouth is not fully expanded or there is a "running ash" phenomenon in the gap between the bag and the cell plate, and the dust scours the mouth of the bag. With the contact of the hanging ear, the filter bag of the dust collector is not enough, or the vertical degree of the bag cage is not enough, which will cause the wobble of the filter bag in the process of dust cleaning.


Solutions: design, processing, transportation, installation process should be meticulous organization, the quality of the supporting parts should be strictly , fully and thoroughly checked before the dust collector put into operation, as far as possible to reduce the site installation work, and equip with related facilities, the high quality requirements shall be finished by the production workshop.