Dust collector and bag house filter bag cages sell best in the market
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Dust collector and bag house filter bag cages sell best in the market

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Update time : 2018-01-06 19:13:35

The dust collector and baghouse filter bag cages from Shanghai INDRO filtration which sell best in the market are following several types: stainless steel filter bag cages, galvanized filter bag cages, organic silicon coated (epoxy coated)filter bag cages, plastic spraying coated filter bag cages.

1, stainless steel filter bag cages: the SIIC filter bag cages material is stainless steel, normally 304 and 316.

2, galvanized filter bag cages: do galvanizing after welding the cold drawing wires to make SIIC galvanized filter bag cages. Galvanizing can increase the rust resistance of filter bag cages, and can reduce damage of filter bag cages during filter bags installation. Because the price is cheaper, SIIC galvanized filter bag cages are widely used in most working conditions. However, because of the recent environmental requirements for the galvanizing plant, most of the dust collector filter bag cages zinc plating plant has been shut down, so it has now been replaced by the plastic coating or epoxy coating filter bag cages.

3, organic silicon coated (epoxy coated) filter bag cages: this kind of filter bag cages are made of carbon steel, which is treated of electrostatic spraying of organic silicon powder after wires’ welding, it is economic and practical filter bag cage.

4, plastic spraying coated filter bag cages: its material is same with organic silicon coated(epoxy coated) filter bag cages, the only difference is the temperature resistance.