Detailed steps of dust collector filter bags installation
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Detailed steps of dust collector filter bags installation

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Update time : 2017-09-22 16:09:27

After taking out dust collector filter bags from boxes, we had better install dust collector filter bag onto the cell plate sheet holes immediately as per following processes. The installation shall be finished one time, taking out dust collector filter bags in advance and putting them aside is not allowed.

-While holding the dust collector filter bags top carefully, keep the left parts of dust collector filter bag folded. Put the folded parts into dust collector filter sleeves and go through the cell plate hole. After folding parts open totally under cell plate sheet, loose the dust collector filter bag top and stretch grooved snap band on the dust collector filter sleeves on the cell plate sheet.

-Allow the weight of the dust filter bag itself to be fixed slowly and allow the metal ring to pull out the sleeve from the top of the dust collector filter bag. Fit the filter sleeves in the cell plate holes.

-Hold the spring ring with both hands firmly in the groove (without pulling the dust collector filter bag), and press the spring ring in it with both hands to make it a "C" shape. While retaining the spring ring as "C", place the raised side of the grooved spring to the nearest cell plate hole. Holding one of the raised, "C" - shaped spring loops, the other hand holds the raised "C" shape on the edge of the cell plate.

- One hand holds the raised "C" spring ring at one side, while the other hand slowly stretches the other side of the spring ring. Insert the groove of the spring ring into the cell plate hole.

- When the spring ring is fully extended not to hear "bang" sound, use one hand thumb ring to push the spring plate inside the mouth side, make the spring ring groove be embedded inside the hole of the pattern board exactly.

- Normally, the "bang" sound can be heard, otherwise, buckle the spring ring to the "C" shape from the other side. Lift the spring ring higher than the flower plate and repeat the installation steps above.

- Fit the dust bag frames/dust collector cages into the dust bag. When installed, must pay attention to putting the dust bag frame/dust collector cage slowly, if the resistance is large, it shall go back, then put down gently, if still bigger resistance, repeated operation, until it can easily put down. Prevent dust collector frames/cages’ corner or edges from scratching the dust collector filter bags. Forbid dust collector frames/cages impact dust collector filter bags.

- Make sure the dust collector filter bag gasket is well sealed with the cell plate panel hole

- Install/fix dust collector filter bags and frames/cages locators or fastening components, and make sure the dust collector filter bag /dust collector bag frames/cages gasket work at the right pressure.