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Cooling of dust collector bag house high temperature gas

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Update time : 2017-07-28 15:48:15

When use dust collector bag house to treat high temperature gas, shall select high temperature resistant filter bags/sleeve materials. Right now, woven fiberglass is used most often. It is can be working under continuous temperature 260 degree C. But when the temperature of the flue gas exceeds the allowable temperature of the filter material, before entering the bag type dust collector, it is generally required to be cooled (should be kept above the dew point temperature), and there are three kinds of cooling methods:

1, natural cooling: lengthening the length of the pipe conveying gas, The gas is cooled by the natural convection and radiation heat of the pipe and the surrounding air. The utility model is more used for metal pipes, and can be used as s type for making distance longer. The method is simple, and the cooling effect is weak, and the occupation space is larger.

2, water cooling: sparing cooling water into the high temperature flue gas directly, it is also called cooling tower. Section air flow of wind cooling tower is usually 2-3.5 m / s. To prevent the water into the dust collector bag filter, can use the temperature control system to regulate the amount of water.

3, cooling by mixing cold air: inhalation limited amount of nearby air, it means mixing nearby air with high temperature gas to reduce the temperature.

When the trap is used for catching high temperature smoke, the ambient air can be absorbed at the same time. This method is simple, but this will increase the filtration air volume.