Cooling measures for dust collector filter bags
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Cooling measures for dust collector filter bags

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Cooling measures for dust collector filter bags


The most important part of dust collector system is the filter bag. One of the important factors of selecting dust collection filter bag is the temperature of the dust containing dust. The temperature of the dust containing dust plays a key role in the selection of the filter bag materials, because the temperature resistance of each filter bag is different and has a certain limit.

For example, the instantaneous temperature value of the filter material for high temperature dust removal of glass fiber is as high as 280 degrees centigrade, and the continuous use temperature is 240 degrees centigrade. The PPS high temperature dusting filter cloth instantaneous temperature is 210 degrees centigrade, the continuous working temperature is 90 degrees centigrade. Therefore, when dealing with high temperature dust smoke, the first thing to do is to understand the actual working condition temperature, choose the filter material that can bear the temperature for the actual working condition temperature. When necessary, it should take some cooling measures to the flue gas, so that the temperature must be lower than the temperature resistance of the dust collector and bagouse filter bag, so as to guarantee the normal service life of the filter bag.

As one professional filter bag manufacturer, INDRO filtration introduce you some cooling measures to flue gas:

1. Indirect cooling.

The high temperature flue gas passes through the heat exchanger to the side of the steel pipe, and the cold water or outdoor air flows to the other side of the steel tube, so as to achieve the cooling effect under the condition of not touching each other. The advantage of this method is that it does not increase the quantity and moisture content of flue gas. The drawback is that the equipment is larger and the electricity consumption is increased.

2. Direct cooling of spray.

The water forms fine mist through the nozzle, and is sprayed into the high temperature flue gas. The water mist absorbs a lot of heat in the flue gas to achieve the cooling effect. This method is fast and requires no investment and equipment. The shortcoming is that the moisture content of flue gas increases which make dust filter bags dew possibly.

3. Mixed with cold air to cool directly.

By adding cold air to reduce the temperature of dusty gas, make the temperature lower than what dust collector filter bag can bear. This method is low in cost and simple in operation.