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Condition of best lifetime of polyester dust filter bags

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Update time : 2016-08-01 14:07:48

Condition of best lifetime of polyester dust filter bags:


Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd(Shanghai Indro Industry Co. Ltd) is one of China polyester dust filter bag manufacturers and supplies, is making and supplying polyester dust filter bags, nomex dust filter bags, ptfe laminated dust filter bags with good quality and prices.


Now, let us share with you about “Condition of best lifetime of polyester dust filter bags” as followings:

It is well known that, for all end user, the lifetime of dust collector filter bag is the factor who is caring very much.

What condition of best life of polyester dust collector filter bags?

1/ Right bag size

2/ Working temp no more higher than the bag material temp resist. (polyester material temp is: 130-150 degree Celsius)

3/ The filter cage which support the bag must be suitable ( If the cage too big or too small, or surface not smooth, it will scratch the bag and reduce the bag using lifetime)

4/ The working condition should not be very strong acid and alkali inside and very wet.

5/ The Filtration velocity ≤1.3m/min

6/ The dust particle shape is not very sharp.