Cleaning considerations of bag filters
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Cleaning considerations of bag filters

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Update time : 2019-03-16 18:20:10
Cleaning considerations of bag filters

Sonic horns
Some bag filters have ultrasonic horns installed to provide supplementary vibration to increase dust cleaning. The horns, which generate high intensity, low frequency sounds waves, are turned on just before or at the start of the cleaning cycle to help break the bonds between particles on the filter media surface and aid in dust removal.
Cleaning sequences
Two main sequence types are used to clean bag filters:
Intermittent (periodic) cleaning
Continuous cleaning
Intermittently cleaned bag filters are composed of many compartments or sections. Each compartment is periodically closed off from the incoming dirty gas stream, cleaned, and then brought back online. While the individual compartment is out of place, the gas stream is diverted from the compartment’s area. This makes shutting down the production process unnecessary during cleaning cycles.
Continuously cleaned bag filters compartments always filtering. A blast of compressed air momentarily interrupts the collection process to clean the bag. This is known as pulse jet cleaning. Pulse jet cleaning does not require taking compartments offline. Continuously cleaned bag filters are designed to prevent complete shutdown during bag maintenance and failures to the primary system.