characteristics of new filter material
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characteristics of new filter material

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Update time : 2019-09-02 15:38:31
Compared with the traditional products, the new filter material has the following characteristics:
Higher intensity High strength and low elongation industrial yarn is used as base cloth, with high needle-punching density and close fibre embracing, which greatly improves the strength.
Smaller aperture Generally, 2.5D fibers are used for products, and 0.8-1.5D or finer fibers are used for new filters. The diameter of fibers is reduced several times, the pore size is reduced, the porosity is high and the filtering accuracy is high.
Lower elongation The filter felt fibers are closely bound and dense, which greatly reduces its elongation. The high strength and low elongation fibers are used as the base cloth to make the elongation smaller.
High acid and alkali resistance The high molecular weight polyester fibers, acid and alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance of direct spinning process were improved.
More wear-resistant and refractory Because of the high strength of the filter felt, the number of fibers per unit volume is large, the density is high, the durability is strong and wear-resistant, and the service life is longer.
High evenness Several times of loose mixing and fine carding make the fiber mesh more uniform, so that the overall uniformity of the filter felt, high surface smoothness.
smooth surface Because of its uniform surface, fine and compact fibers, the surface can be polished to a smooth mirror.
High filtering accuracy Because the filter felt has tiny holes, particles smaller than the diameter of the holes are blocked on the surface of the filter material, which makes it difficult to enter the inside of the filter material.
Low resistance Layered composite filter material with gradient is more conducive to solving the contradiction between filtration accuracy and resistance and energy consumption. The resistance loss in operation is small and energy consumption is saved.
Good surface filtration effect Smoother surface of filter material and finer "S" type micropore can make finer particles unable to penetrate and leak or plug the filter felt, so that it can accumulate on the surface of the filter felt and easily shake ash removal to achieve a new filter cycle.
The comprehensive performance is close to that of PTFE laminated filter material.

In order to meet the needs of customers with higher precision, INDRO filtration has developed micro-fiber filter material (its aperture is smaller than that of ordinary membrane filter material). Its manufacturing principle is that it chooses special fibers which can be split into tens of the diameter of precursor filament. According to the general needle-punched felt production process, the fibers of about 2D are first combed and needled into felt, then they are physically and chemically made. Methods By splitting the fibers, a new strain of microfiber filter felt with a diameter of one-tenth of that of the common filter material was obtained.
Through the above explanation, it can be said that from the filtering mechanism, our filter material is better than imported. In addition to the characteristics of higher filtering accuracy and lower operating resistance than imported filter media, our filter material has another remarkable feature: extremely adaptable to working conditions.