Characteristics of dust cartridge filter
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Characteristics of dust cartridge filter

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Update time : 2018-10-04 17:14:30

Characteristics of dust cartridge filter:


Filter cartridge de-duster has the following characteristics:

A.    Strong processing capacity: Take the filter cartridge dust collector produced by Donaldson Company of the United States as an example, using the new Ultra-web filter material as filter medium, the filter material is made into star-shaped pleated structure. The filtering area of a standard filter cartridge is 40 times as large as that of the same volume filter bag, which greatly improves the processing capacity.

B.    Long service life: The life of the cartridge filter can be up to two years, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the filter. (Service life depends on specific operating conditions).

C.  The inlet concentration range is wide: ordinary polyester fiber cartridge filter or filter can deal with the inlet dust-containing gas with high concentration of dust, the inlet concentration of dust-containing gas can reach 250 g/m3.

 D.  Low pressure loss. For ordinary dust particles, the pressure loss of the filter cartridge is less than 1 000 Pa. If the powder adhesion is strong, the maximum resistance is about 1500 Pa.

 E.  Wide range of filtration speed. The filtration speed is related to the material of filter cartridge. The filtering speed of the cartridge made of paper material is mini 0.3 m/min, and that of some materials is maximum 2.4 m/min.

 F.  Washable performance. Except for paper filter material, polyester cartridge filter and membrane cartridge filter can generally be washed by clean water, and reused after drying.