Brief introduction of bag filter
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Brief introduction of bag filter

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Update time : 2019-12-17 12:48:59
Brief introduction of bag filter

Bag filter is a kind of dedusting equipment that uses fibrous
filter bag to collect dust. The material of filter bag is natural fiber, synthetic fiber, glass fiber, metal fiber and other materials. The filter cloth is woven with these materials, and then the filter cloth is sewed into various shapes of filter bags, such as round, fan-shaped, corrugated or diamond shaped, etc. When filtering and separating dust particles with filter bags, the dust gas can enter from the outside of the filter bag to the inside, and the dust can be separated on the outside surface of the filter bag, and the dust gas can flow from the inside of the filter bag to the outside, and the dust can be separated on the inside surface of the filter bag. The dust containing gas is separated and filtered through the filter bag to complete the dust removal process. The force that dust is separated by filter bag is the most complex in all kinds of dedusting technology. Although there are many kinds of filtration classification expression equations, they are not enough to quantitatively express various causal relationships such as dedusting efficiency, filtration resistance, etc., which are consistent with the actual results. Therefore, the bag dedusting technology is a perfect combination of science and practice.

The outstanding advantage of
bag filter is that it has high dedusting efficiency, belongs to high-efficiency deduster, and the dedusting efficiency is generally greater than 99%; the operation is stable, not affected by the fluctuation of air volume, strong adaptability, and not limited by the specific resistance value of dust. Therefore, the bag filter is very popular in the application. Its application amount accounts for about 60% ~ 70% of the total amount of all kinds of dust collectors. The disadvantage of bag filter is that the filter of deliquescence and viscous dust is not as good as wet filter.