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Bag filters and filter cartridges for water treatment

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Update time : 2017-07-13 13:11:51

When it comes to industrial filtration, there are several different filter types to choose from when working with industrial grade liquids, including both bag filters and cartridge filters. Ultimately, however, the final choice comes down to choosing the right filtration technology to meet the performance demands of your facility, while remaining within your projected operating costs. Both bag and cartridge style filters offer removable media, but the final decision should be based on the application, as each type of media has its advantages and disadvantages.


Bag filters are often the best choice for any number of industrial applications. These types of filters use a wide range of filtration media based on the application, such as activated carbon, needle felt, and nylon monofilament mesh. The operate by trapping waste solids inside the bag and are considered to be a relatively low-cost form of industrial filtration.

However, these filters have a smaller surface area than most cartridge filters. The low overall operating cost makes bag filters an excellent choice for small batch operations where the cost of a self-cleaning system would not be justified. Along with this, small operations will not have a high bag replacement frequency leading to lower disposal costs. Bag filtration systems tent to produce less solid waste than cartridge filters, making them an excellent choice for applications where the user wants to minimize their volume of waste.


Cartridge filters capture solid contaminants on the outer surfaces of the filter media. These types of filters run the gamut from inexpensive bonded units to more expensive models made from a variety of high-capacity pleated types of media. These filters can be used for a wide range of applications where sub-micron filtration is needed. These include beverage and food production facilities, chemical and paint plants, and applications where the filtration of acids and bases is required. Cartridge filters are also ideal for pharmaceutical applications as well as those in which ultra-pure water filtration is required.