Bag Filter House And Filter Bag Installation
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Bag Filter House And Filter Bag Installation

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Update time : 2020-04-06 10:47:44
Bag Filter House And Filter Bag Installation

1. Please check and confirm whether the accessories needed for the installation of the filtration system are complete.

2. Check O- ring and O-groove. In case of the sealing ring deformation, or there are scratches or cracks on the O ring, or sealing ring combined parts have problem, please replace the new parts in time.

3. Put the filter in the working position, connect the inlet and outlet and fix it. For bag filter house with jacket, please connect heat preservation heat source.

4.  Put metal basket into the bag filter house gently, make sure the filter basket collar fit the bag house.

5. Put the filter bag into supporting basket, make sure the filter bag top ring match with the wire basket collar. Buckle the pressure ring of the filter bag. Put O ring sealing ring into O groove, and the sealing ring can not be distorted or deformed.

6. Put the top cover on the filter house port, put it down slowly and press it on the sealing ring naturally. Tighten all the rings screws one by one. Attention:  When rotating the ring screw, you cannot screw down one of the rings by one time, you shall screw one a little bit, then screw some other one, thus screw down all gradually.

7. Check and confirm each connection pipe is firm and the working pressure is within the allowable range.

8. Open the exhaust valve at the top. Open the inlet valve slowly, let the liquid flow into the filter slowly, exhaust the gas inside of bag filter house, so that the liquid fill into full of bag filter, otherwise it will affect the liquid flow.

9. To prevent liquid lashing against filter bag and cause breaking, you shall let the liquid flow into the cylinder slowly firstly. Then check if there is leakage, and then start filtering if there is no leak. The exhaust valve must be closed during filtration.

10. When use heat preservation bag filter house with jacket, you shall inject filter media first, and then inject heat preservation medium; when stop operation and open the top cover , to avoid deformation of bag filter house body caused by too big pressure difference between inside and outside, you shall exclude all the heat preservation medium first, and then exclude all the filter media. In order to avoid the internal and external pressure difference is too large, causing deformation of the cylinder.