Aquarium Filter Media Bags - Filter Bags for Fish Tanks
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Aquarium Filter Media Bags - Filter Bags for Fish Tanks

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Update time : 2017-07-06 09:12:00

It is always important to protect your aquarium equipment for the long run. Every filter media bag in INDRO’s selection is designed to do exactly that. These reusable bags hold your carbon, ammonia remover, or other media or resin, in order to prevent loose media from potentially causing expensive damage to your power filter's motor. These bags are easy to adapt to many different types of filters for your maximum convenience.

INDRO's aquarium filter media bags features top quality products in aquarium care, water maintenance and filtration equipment.

INDRO’s aquarium mesh filter bags are reusable, fine mesh filter bags that feature a drawstring for easy and secure bag closure. Use bag to hold carbon, ammonia remover, or any other filter media or resin. These help prevent costly damage to the power filter motor when being used in backpack filters. mesh filter bag can also be used to bury media in the gravel in undergravel filter systems.

 INDRO’s welded aquarium filter bag features a durable non-stitched seam. The Bag is unlike other filter bags in that it is resistant to acids, bleach and other harmful materials and will not degrade over time. Utilizing 180 micron mesh, the welded filter bag comes with a convenient resealable locking closure and is easily adaptable to many different varieties of filters.

The aquarium mesh filter bag is the most cost effective way to protect your filter from damage caused by loose filter media. This specially designed, 100% nylon, drawstring bag maximizes filtration and will not disintegrate in water. Protect your filter without reducing filter performance!

As one reliable aquarium filter media bags supplier/manufacturer, Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd is manufacturing many kinds of quality aquarium filtration products at reliable prices.