Anti static filter rolls
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Anti static filter rolls

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Update time : 2019-06-24 21:39:25
Coating, Composite and Functional Filter Rolls-Anti static ranges

-Anti static and ptfe laminated polyester filter rolls
-Fine fiber polyester filter rolls with anti static and water and oil repellent treatment
-Metamax high temperature resistant and anti static filter rolls
-Anti static and water and oil repellent polyester filter felt
-Blending conductive polyester filter felt
-Mix stainless steel fiber high grade anti static filter felt
After conductive yarn or mixed with conductive fibers and stainless steel fibers is implanted in the filter material, the filter material has antistatic function and can be used for electrostatic, explosive and flammable dust-containing flue gas filtration. When the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level (i.e. explosion limit), it will easily lead to explosion and fire if it meets the factors of ESD spark or external ignition, such as surface dust, chemical dust, coal dust and so on. In the field of bag-type dust removal, if these dusts need to be collected by cloth bags, the filter material of the bag-type dust removal is required to be antistatic, which can release the charges accumulated on the surface of the dusty gas and filter material in the process of use, and prevent the sparks from discharging the charges from causing explosion.