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About series connection liquid filter bag housing

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Update time : 2016-08-01 14:02:25

About series connection liquid filter bag housing:


Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd(Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd) is one of China liquid filter housing manufacturer and supplies, is making and supplying liquid filter bag housing, liquid filter housing, pp plastic bag filter housing, Stainless steel bag filter housing with good quality material and good prices.


Now, let us share with you about series connection liquid filter bag housing as followings:


Liquid bag filter housing includes single bag filter housing, duplex bag housing, series connection bag housing.


The series connection bag housing is composed of series of singe bag housing, the bag housing is connected each other in series. Compared with one single bag housing, it is with higher filtering efficiency.

All series connection bag filter housings are made of stainless steel, it is composed of two cylinders, single-layer stainless steel welded structure, internal and external surface polished, with valve at top to deflate when they are working. Use expansion connection for pipe joints, after testing under 0.3Mpa hydraulic pressure, tee outer screw plug opening and close flexibly, with compact structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance.

Series filter device and said parallel switch filter device, used two a tee ball valve, will two a single tube filter device assembled in a frame Shang, cleaning filter device is without parking, guarantee its continuous work, is not parking line filter device preferred, this filter device of filter components, except used stainless steel filter outside, also mining has quality hive type skim fiber cotton, can filter off grain diameter 1μ above of particles, this filter device also single tube using, at just removed common frame, remaining size not variable.

In-line filter internal and external surface polished, cartridge is equipped with stainless steel strainer and filter support baskets; top with valve for air filter when filter.


On the cover and the filter cartridge are connected by quick-opening structure, easy to clean (replacement) filters, three adjustable feet smooth filter can be placed on the ground. Connecting pipe or clamp connections, feeding valveadopts three-way ball valve, pressure and temperature, operating flexibility, no liquid leak more sanitary.