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About production standard of filter bag cages

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Update time : 2017-07-24 14:14:42

Filter bag cages require the vertical wire and supporting rings are uniform distributed and with enough strength and stiffness, so that can be withstand the pressure during dust cleaning of filter bags. And also avoid the damage and deformation caused by collision and impact during delivery and installation of filter bag cages.

All the welding of filter bag cages must be strong. Loose welding and rosin welding joints are not allowed.

The surface of filter bag cages which will be in touch of filter bags shall be smooth, welding scars, sags and rag are not allowed.

The tension spring type of filter bag cage should have enough ring number and elasticity, and the spacing should be uniform after pulling out.

The surface of the filter bag cages must be treated with corrosion protection and galvanized according to different needs. Spraying or painting, such as for high temperature and corrosion protection, shall meet the requirement of using temperature.

Dust filter bag cage material Q235 or 20 steel wire, wire diameter 3mm-4mm, supporting ring distance 150cm--250cm.

The verticality of the dust bag cage is 6M plus or minus 1mm.

The dust bag cages include one complete cage, segmented cage such two section or three sections.