Acrylic Filter Media manufacturer/factory/supplier from China

Acrylic Filter Media

350-650g Acrylic Filter Media, working temperature is 130-160℃

Acrylic Filter Media/ Acrylic Needle Punched Felt/ Acrylic Filter Felt/ Acrylic Filter Fabric

1. Detailed Description Of Acrylic Filter Media

Weight: 350-650g

Working Temperature: 130-160℃

Basic Finish treatment: singed, calendered, heat set

Functional treatment: water and oil repellent, anti-static, ptfe lamination or membrane.

Standard filter roll width: 2.1m

Max filter roll width: 2.3m

Roll Length: 50m, 100m as per customer’s requirement

2. Features Of Acrylic Filter Media  

-Economic material

-normal temperature resistant

-Made of 100% homopolymerisation acrylic fiber

-Acid resistance: good

-Alkali resistance: good

3. Technical Data of Acrylic Filter Media

550gsm arylic needle punched felt


Needle felt

Fibre Composition


Scrim Composition


Felt Area Weight




Mean Air Permeability

10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O

Breaking Strength-MDwarp

600 N / 125px

Breaking Strength-CMDweft

1300  N /   125px      

Breaking Elongation( N/125px)-MDwarp


Breaking Elongation( N/125px)-CMDweft


Dry Shrinkage       MD130warp


Dry Shrinkage       CMD130weft


Operating Temperatures

<130 deg C

Recommended Maximum Continuous

130 deg C   

Recommended Maximum Surge

160 deg C      


singed, calendared, heat set

4. Applications Of Acrylic Filter Media

Used for normal temperature working condition where is with strong chemical corrosivity and the polyester felt is not available.

As filter media, Acrylic Filter Media is widely use in Industry of Steel, Chemical, Waste incineration, Cement, Construction material, Thermoelectricity.

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