Filtration performance of dust collector and baghouse filter bags

Filtration performance of dust collector and baghouse filter bags

The efficiency, resistance, air permeability, dust holding capacity and service life of the dust collector and baghouse filter bags are commonly known as filtration performance.

Filtration efficiency: The filtration efficiency of filter media is related to the structure of filter media on the one hand. On the other hand, it depends on the dust layer formed on the filter material. From the structure of filter media, the filtration effect of short fiber is higher than that of long fiber. Felt filter material is higher than woven filter material.

From the view of the formation of dust layer, for thin filter media, after dust removal, the dust layer is destroyed, the efficiency is reduced a lot, and thick filter material can also retain a part of dust in filter material after cleaning, and avoid excessive cleaning. In general, the highest efficiency can be achieved when the filter material is not broken. Therefore, as long as the design parameters are properly selected, the dust removal effect of the bag type dust collector should be very good.

Air permeability and resistance: Air permeability refers to the amount of gas on the filter material per unit area under a certain differential pressure. The resistance of the filter material is directly related to the permeability. As the constant pressure difference for the calibration of air permeability, different countries have different values. The air permeability depends on the fineness of the fiber, the fiber material and types and the textile methods. Air permeability generally refers to the air permeability of clean filter material. When dust is deposited on the dust collector filter bags, the air permeability would be reduced.

Dust holding capacity: The dust holding capacity is also called the dust load, which refers to the amount of dust accumulated on the filter material per unit area when the given resistance is reached. The dust volume of the baghouse filter bags affects the resistance and the cleaning period of the filter. In order to avoid frequent ash cleaning and prolong the life of dust collector filter bags, it is generally required that the amount of dust holding capacity in the filter material is larger. The dust holding capacity is related to the porosity and permeability of the filter media, and the felt filter material is with higher dust loading than the woven fabric filter material.