PALL-FSI filters replacements
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About PALL-FSI filters replacements

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Update time : 2020-11-24 17:50:23
About PALL-FSI filters replacements
Recently many customers are asking us about PALL-FSI filters replacement, so we introduce our filters which can replace PALL-FSI filters items here, we mainly have filter bags and filter vessels which can replace PALL-FSI related filter items.
Felt Filter Bags: replacement of PALL-FSI PONG, PENG, PEEX, POEX, BHT, POLYFOLD, MAXPONG

Microfiber Filter Bags: replacement of POMF

Seamless Filter bags: replacement of BOS, BOSG, BOSMAX
Mesh Filter Bags: replacement of NMO, PEM, PMO filter bags.

Filter Vessels: replacement of FSPN, FSMC, CBFP, SBF, FMC bag and cartridge filter housings.
Free sample for all above filter bags are available for your evaluation.